Primary Sports Day

Sports day is always a keenly anticipated day on the BSY calendar and this year was no exception.
Thursday, January 18, 2018
The aim was to allow every child in the school a chance to compete and an opportunity for our star athletes to shine.
It was so wonderful to see all the students cheering each other on as they ran, threw and jumped with gusto. There were fine performances all round, and a few surprises, which is always nice to see at these events.
The year groups rotated around the track and field events competing in the 800m, 300m, 60m, Triple Spring, Javelin, Quioit Toss, Tennis Ball Throw and knockout hurdles.
Everyone was exhausted by the end of the meet but gathered for the final event – the shuttle relays, which were close and very exciting.
It was a 3 horse race between the Normans, Romans and Vikings for most of the day until the relays, but with the Saxons winning the majority of relays there was a final twist in the tale.

The final results were:
Vikings – 303pts
Romans – 297pts
Saxons – 207pts
Normans – 204pts

Thanks to all the parents who came out to support and to the teachers for their help on the day.