Community Initiatives

We feel very strongly that BSY children should become involved in the wider world and specifically learn to be proactive and make things better for all. Our school ethos and pastoral work underpins this. Additionally, as a school community we are active in supporting charitable organisations and achieving positive change.
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Here is some more information on the key charities that we support:

Kadawgyi Monastery
The school has good links with the Monastic Educational Development Group (MEDG) in Myanmar which runs this monastery. They send teachers each week to run small seminars with the young teacher monks, male and female, who work there. This input has a direct impact on their lessons and overall practise. After building the relationship over the last year, these sessions have now become a positive space where the teachers at the monastery can discuss their own practice with each other and feel confident exchanging ideas.

Little Dragons
Little Dragons is a small sports charity, focusing on teaching life skills through touch rugby to under privileged children in East Dagon township in Yangon. This is partly run by a member of BSY staff, and BSY was pivotal in helping fund and partly organise a touch rugby charity day - the first in Yangon - in March 2017, with another planned for early 2018. Each Sunday members of The Insein Stray Dogs (made of of BSY staff) run training sessions in East Dagon for The Little Dragons team. BSY has also provided buses to transport the children to matches and is committed to the development of the team in the future.

Yangon Education Centre for the Blind
This is a local charity directly involved in education, run by Myanmar staff for Myanmar children. This is the school's main charity and the focus on several fund raising events; the most recent being a Bake Sale set up by The School Council and run by Year 1 and 6, raising 770,000 K for the centre. The next fund raising event will be run by Year's 5 and 2 and will be a jumble sale. There are also plans in place to set up a collaboration between the music departments of BSY and that of The Yangon Educational Centre For The Blind, with the end result being a performance at BSY and at The Centre. There are multiple opportunities for class projects across the two schools in the future.